Welcome to Industrial Services Dept.

A unique approach to implement projects.

METRICA S.A. is based on the experience and technical knowledge of its personnel that has been in the field for more than 15 years. From best-in-class surveying & environmental instruments to the broadest solution portfolio in the measurement world, METRICA S.A. is helping customers to understand, plan and implement solutions for simple, complex or unique applications that are related to Surveying, Heavy Industry, Shipping and the Environmental sector.

Our clients benefit from our broad capabilities and deep subject matter knowledge. We are happy to be involved in the most revolutionary and critical projects that our customers are working on and encourage them to achieve great accomplishments.
Our aim is to establish long term relationships based on trust, cooperation and sincerity.

We use state-of-the-art equipment & innovative methodology.
We are experienced & well trained.
We prefer to prevent rather to heal (preventive maintenance).
We combine technology & traditional expertise for unique results.
We offer customized solutions.
We establish new approach in marine application via industrial geodesy.

Fields of activity

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  • Recapturing the Glory of “Georgios Averof” +

    3D scanning meaurements in Georgios Averof The Hellenic Navy’s century-old battle cruiser “Georgios Averof” which now serves as a floating museum is back from an extensive maintenance period. After spending over 60 years as a museum ship, the battle cruiser has its hull and upper deck Read More
  • Alignment services on a cargo vessel +

    Alignment services on a cargo vessel Our best in class engineers have just completed alignment inspection measurements on the main engine crankshaft bearing pockets of a cargo vessel with the usage of Easy laser Line bore E 950 system. Totally, 7 bearing journals were inspected and Read More
  • Minimize risks in production +

    Easy laser systems - alignment systems Within the process industry, operations usually occur 24 hours a day, all year round. This places extremely high demands on preventative maintenance work. With Easy-Laser® laser measurement systems it is possible to optimize the operation of your machines, not only Read More
  • GEK TERNA group invests in Easy Laser system +

    Easy Laser Vestas - GEK TERNA ..for Vestas shaft alignment! We are pleased to announce the supply of Easy-Laser® Vestas shaft alignment system to GEK TERNA group. The company already owns and operates wind farms in several regions in Greece since 1997. Additionally, the company is Read More
  • Smart Implementation of BWT installation projects +

    Ballast water treatment installation METRICA S.A. is proud to announce its synergy with field experts - United Naval Architects (UNA), NAV Marine PTE Ltd., SimFWD P.C.  in order to provide high quality services in Ballast Water Treatment Installation projects. The four top rated companies have Read More
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