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A unique approach to implement projects.

METRICA S.A. is based on the experience and technical knowledge of its personnel that has been in the field for more than 15 years. From best-in-class surveying & environmental instruments to the broadest solution portfolio in the measurement world, METRICA S.A. is helping customers to understand, plan and implement solutions for simple, complex or unique applications that are related to Surveying, Heavy Industry, Shipping and the Environmental sector.

Our clients benefit from our broad capabilities and deep subject matter knowledge. We are happy to be involved in the most revolutionary and critical projects that our customers are working on and encourage them to achieve great accomplishments.
Our aim is to establish long term relationships based on trust, cooperation and sincerity.

We use state-of-the-art equipment & innovative methodology.
We are experienced & well trained.
We prefer to prevent rather to heal (preventive maintenance).
We combine technology & traditional expertise for unique results.
We offer customized solutions.
We establish new approach in marine application via industrial geodesy.

Fields of activity

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  • Alignment inspection +

    easy laser systems France, Marseille, March 2017 - Our team has just realized measurements for alignment inspection of both propulsion systems on luxurious yacht with the usage of Easy Laser alignment systems. Measurements have shown misalignment issues that have to be fixed, to avoid further problems and possible early wear of parts. Correction guidance Read More
  • Team working is a plus.. +

    admes.gr We are happy to announce our partnership with AdMeS (Advanced Mechanical Services) in Predictive Maintenance, Non Destructive Inspection, Balancing, Vibration and Alignment services. Both METRICA & AdMeS use their expertise to offer exceptional services in the fields of Heavy Industry, Shipping and Energy by helping customers prevent, maintain or increase productivity. Read More
  • Deformations Monitoring +

    Chalkis - January 2017, Deformation Monitoring Chalkis, January 2017 - Measurement services on heavy lift vessel related with the monitoring of possible deformations due to welding stresses on the fore part of the ship.  The vessel was inspected for possible deformations during the installation of a new part (forward area). Several inspection points were established in order Read More
  • 3D Scanning for BWTs installation +

    3D Scanning for BWTs installation

    In this case the purpose of the measurements was the laser scanning of several ship areas for the custom design and installation of a ballast water management system. 5 ship zones (pump room, steering room, deck areas, ballast tank, Read More

  • Geometrical Documentation +

    Geometrical Documentation Korea, October 2016 - The oil tanker was geometrically inspected for quality assurance and conformity with design. Graphical and numerical representations of examined geometric parameters were delivered as well as detailed technical reports, 2.5 D surface maps, 3D point cloud and meshes, 3D CAD vectors. Read more.. Read More
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