3D Scanning & 3D Modeling

3D Scanning & Modeling


Our team uses the most advanced 3D metrology laser scanners with unsurpassed speed, accuracy, and range for demanding scanning projects. Our experienced engineers accomplish these projects in the most effcient & professional way.

Shipping Industry

In naval architecture and marine engineering, 3D documentation is critical for the design, construction, inspection, repair and installations of various onboard systems. Digital Surveys (3D laser scanning / CAD modelling) capture and deliver, very quickly, the complex geometries and shapes of boat hulls as also unapproachable and impacted areas for claiming and redesign.

Heavy Industry

Using 3D Scanning technology, our team captures the complexity of any piping and mechanical equipment no matter the harsh environment and time schedules. Our 3D scanning services include as-built 2D drawings as well as detailed 3D CAD and BIM models of any kind of industrial facilities.

3D Modeling services
3D Scanning & 3D Modeling Services
3D Modeling services
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