Geometry Inspection

METRICA S.A. can cover a large number of measurement services in almost any kind of industrial metrology applications. Metrology hardware / software and experienced personnel are ready to provide the optimum solutions to variable case studies from the geodetic support of an industrial assembly to the reporting of the consistency of an erected part with the prescribed tolerances and dimensional analysis.

Heavy industrial manufacturing – related to ships, trains, military hardware, cranes and other construction equipment - features high complexity and dimensional analysis is critical to ensure safe and efficient operation. Our solutions/measurements give extremely accurate reports & lead to the modernization of existing systems for better profit margins while keeping rework to a minimum.

Coordinate measuring machine (CMM) inspection is an essential process of manufacturing products to ensure machined parts are delivered on time, on budget and to specification. Whether the products are made from metal, composites or any other material, the correct machine tool programming and execution is imperative to success. Our team uses the latest technology systems and innovative methodology to ensure the maximum productivity, whatever the application.

Power & Energy generation industry needs more than ever to improve efficiency and assure precision part production. Huge industrial installations with advanced technology within, from the giant gas turbines of power plants to the photovoltaic panels of solar farms require high precision measurements to verify the quality of parts and to improve efficiency in order to produce the energy solutions for the forthcoming generations. Our team of experts, using high precision measurement systems such as Laser Trackers, 3D Laser Scanners etc. offer the precision measurements required to verify the quality of parts ranging from hydraulic pumps and compressor components to gearing systems and large turbine blades.

Other applications

  • Repeatability and reproducibility tests
  • Inspection in large volume
  • Rolls Alignment and Leveling

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