Laser Alignment & Vibration Analysis

In General

One of the most important parameters for the operational qualification of a machine is the set up procedure according to the manufacturer specifications. METRICA can measure and verify the position of big machines such as screw machines, cranes, pumps etc. Determination of possible deviations in geometry such as alignment, perpendicularity, flatness etc. can be done using high accuracy laser alignment instrumentation.

Align3Shaft Misalignment is one of the most common sources of wear of wind turbine drive train when rigid couplings connect the shafts. Proper shaft alignment of a wind turbine is critical for prevention of component failures, up-tower repairs, and catastrophic failures. These measurements also minimize wasted energy. METRICA S.A. uses the latest technology and high precision instruments to assure the operational qualification of the wind turbine which leads in optimization of the power delivery from the wind turbine.

Align2Both productivity and trouble-free operation of a turbine depend on the high-precision measurement of the in-built components. METRICA S.A. uses comprehensive measuring devices for reaching the highest alignment, needed in turbine units. All measurement tasks can be conducted with a minimum of time and excellent results that lead to reduced downtimes, higher energy efficiency and of course decreases the vast amount of money needed to repair turbine units when they fail.

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