Damage & geometric documentation

During its lifetime, a ship may encounter accidents, such as collision and grounding, which have as a consequence the threatening of human life, the pollution of the environment, and the economic losses. Determining the root causes of such events is essential both in order to implement corrective actions, and also to prevent further failure and improve overall safety. METRICA S.A. implements geometrical inspection and assessment of the damaged structure/material, provides the necessary data (as build design, etc), monitors the progress of the repair and verify that everything is consistent with the initial plan.

 METRICA 's  S.A. experienced stuff with the use of state-of-the art geodetic equipment and innovative methodologies can: 

a. inspect misalignment / geometry deformations recording that appear from small to large scale structures
b. calculate and quantify the deviations from design nominal values
c. inspect and report the compliance with geometric and dimensioning tolerances
d. monitor the progress of the repair
e. guide the relevant workshops for the proper actions (as far it concern geometry issues)


  • Damage analysis is a reliable and numerical evidence to prove the extent of damage and a credible witness for negotiators and/or insuranse companies.
  • Increase the credibility of a statement of claim with a neutral and objective damage report.
  • Accurately and timely records and digitally reconstruct the as - built geometries for further analysis and repair strategies.
  • Minimizes the costly risks from wrong decisions.
  • Results can be integrated with other formats and data in order to multi parametrically examine each specific case and to simulate current conditions and future actions.

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