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Yacht Azipod Geometrical Inspection & Total Dimension Measurements

Measurements were correlated with the steering inspection of Azipod System as well as the recording of the final dimensions of the ship. More specifically, the main task of measurements was the:
o    Azipod evaluation of central axis
o    Azipod steering center of rotation
o    Projection of aforementioned points on floating dock deck and marking of azipod angular positions 15 deg and 30 deg   
o    Angular Deviations of Azipod axis to ship center line
o    Measurement of overall length (o/a)
o    Measurement of length between perpendiculars (p/p)
o    Measurement of length at waterline (w/l)
o    Measurement of ship width (beam)
o    Measurement of ship height (deck 4 marking)

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