Yacht geometrical documentation

Yacht Damage analysis

The main scope of the measurements was the damage analysis of a yacht after an accident.
The measurements were fulfilled in one day fieldwork with the use of Leica RTC360 terrestrial laser scanner and Leica TDRA6000 industrial total station.
Comparing the dense point clouds, critical information about keel, main deck, fly bridge and yacht sections in AutoCAD the project engineers presented the final report.


Terrestrial Laser Scanner technology was our team’s method to capture every detail of the Yacht to compare the current condition with the G.A. and other relevant drawings. Before scanning procedure, a careful optimization and study of the specific application had been taken place to define:
• the proper route of scanning setups
• the resolution
• the quality levels
• the production of final deliverables

To register scanning setups, special black & white were used. All ceilings were covered through 64 laser scanner setups.

Deformation monitoring / Yacht
Deformation Monitoring / Yacht
Deformation Monitoring / Yacht
Deformation Monitoring / Yacht

The equipment

Leica RTC360 is a high-speed 3D laser scanner with integrated HDR spherical imaging system and visual inertial system, which can measure a vast amount of data on a single second (up to 2*106 points per second), accompanied with the relevant positional standard deviation (±2.9mm at 20 m) enabled the detailed and accurate description of the yacht geometry. Leica TDRA6000 industrial total station was also used to enhance the accuracy of the captured data. This system offers sub millimeter accuracy. Furthermore, with the use of the appropriate point cloud processing and modeling software our engineers submitted the final CAD drawings. The inspection that took place in the main deck and fly bridge was performed with the use of a special metrological platform.

Leica RTC360 / Yacht 3D scanning for deformation inspection
Leica TDRA6000 in yacht deformation monitoring measurements

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