Wind Turbine Tower inspection

Inspecting the condition of wind turbines is vital at various stages of their lifecycle. METRICA team realized measurements on a wind turbine with scope of work

  • the detailed 3D laser scanning of the wind turbine tower (inside and outside)
  • the geometric documentation – inspection and the data extraction for further numerical analysis reasons

The wind turbine is consisted of a steel tubular tower, a nacelle with a generator and 3 rotor blades and all relevant electrical equipment (control, operation, power generation).

Equipment and methodology

Measurements were completed in one (1) working day and, were performed by using state of the art metrological hardware and software: Leica ScanStation P40 and Leica RTC360 laser scanners and Leica TDRA6000 industrial total station with relevant accessories and reflectors.

Special care was given by our engineers to follow all safety measures and to ensure the normal workflow and unbiased measurement result, as possible by external factors such weather. Wind turbine was measured from inside platform as also on the external periphery.

After the registration and mathematical adjustment of raw data, the dense internal and external point cloud provided the data sample for any further geometrical inspection such as local comparison of the 3D mesh and the nominal CAD surface, compliance with design and construction tolerances.
The collected dataset and results were discussed with the engineers of the contracting authorities. Several datasets were delivered for further finite element analysis.
All our inspections are carried out by highly qualified inspection engineers with many years of experience. They are fully trained on safety, measurement, and operational topics, allowing them to work in a wide range of locations and conditions.

Panorama blended with laser scanner data
Panorama blended with laser scanner data
Wind turbine tower isnpection
View of the final point cloud (internal cloud)
Wind turbine tower isnpection
External measurements of the wind turbine tower (Leica P40 & Leica RTC360)

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