Services in Marine sector

  • Dry Dock

    Dry Dock

    Dry Dock for large ship when important repair on the body is required: Depending on the damage of the ship body and the possible deformations METRICA S.A. can measure in 3D the vessel in afloat condition in order to determine any deformations (center line deformation, twist, hogging etc) for damage evaluation, as also to measure at the dry dock before and after the repairs to certify the good geometry.

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  • 3D Laser Scanning / Hull scanning

    3D Laser Scanning / Hull scanning

    Long-range laser scanning of the inside and the outside of the hull structure provides scan data to an accuracy of 3mm. Laser scanning can be performed to define possible deflections of the hull (sagging, hogging, bent, twist) as also to every stage of the construction process to make sure the hull doesn’t differ from the design.

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  • Draft marks & water lines

    Draft marks & water lines

    When important modifications/repairs are planed marking of draft marks and water lines are essential. If the exact cross section at the frames has to be known for different applications then METRICA S.A. can scan the vessel body while at dry dock with a 3D laser scanner and produce in CAD the exact cross sections in order that a Naval engineer can design modifications or estimate repairs.

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  • Exterior/Interior Naval Design

    Exterior/Interior Naval Design

    METRICA S.A. produces interior layouts, generally in 3D or 2D if needed, to further optimize the available spaces, with the rest of the yacht/ship components. Detail modelling of all furniture and walls, up to the smallest piece that assures no clashes with the rest of yacht/ship components. Production of accurate construction drawings or unfolded drawings of curved surfaces (teak deck prefabrication) is also feasible.

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  • Shaft Alignement & Vibration Analysis

    Shaft Alignement & Vibration Analysis

    Smooth operation of vessels engines is affected directly by correct alignment. METRICA S.A. provides accurate 3D measurements via portable 3D long range CMM and solve any kind of geometry problem. We can also offer Shaft alignment, Line Bore, Balancing, Vibration Analysis using Easy Laser technology.

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  • Damage Geometric Documentation

    Damage Geometric Documentation

    During its lifetime, a ship may encounter accidents, such as collision and grounding, for which damage consequences in the forms of loss of human life, pollution of the environment, and economic losses may be substantial. Determining the root cause of such events is essential both in order to implement corrective actions, and also to prevent further failure and improve overall safety.

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  • Sounding Tables Production

    Sounding Tables Production

    With the usage of internal electro - optical distance ranging method by using state-of-the-art terrestrial laser scanner (Leica P40) and point cloud - modeling software's, Metrica S.A. is capable of scanning any tank in less than a working day and produce accurate calibration tables. Despite of the size, shape and tank deadwood, as - built geometries can be surveyed in detail and digitally reconstruct them on specialized software's. Free…

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  • Ballast Water Treatment Projects

    Ballast Water Treatment Projects

    Ballast water is essential to the safe and efficient operation of modern shipping, providing balance and stability to un-laden ships. However, to prevent the environmental and health risks that derive from this necessity, a ballast water management plan has become compulsory on all ships trading worldwide.

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  • Construction & installation planning

    Construction & installation planning

    METRICA S.A. provides detailed designs and construction studies regarding vital structures of the yacht/ship such as piping (schematic and isometric drawings), installation drawings (incl. assembly plans), hull accessories (incl. equipment integration plans) etc.

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