Services in Industry

  • Geometry Inspection

    Geometry Inspection

    Regular surveys of crane runways help to ensure maximum reliability in production, avoid production stoppages and cost-intensive repair work, prevent breakdowns and detect damage to building structures at an early stage of development. Optimum structure properties can only be ensured by perfectly aligned crane runway and crane geometry, which give you the certainty of safety all along the line. METRICA S.A. use survey methods that are fast, safe and reliable.

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  • 3D Modeling & BIM

    3D Modeling & BIM

    It is very difficult and also challenging to fulfill a survey application inside a refinery. METRICA S.A. has the ability to provide 3D measurements, as build drawings and fitting verification of 3d cad design inside an existing installation.

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  • Volumetric calculations

    Volumetric calculations

    In case of repairs in oil or gas tanks then accurate measurements of the tank is needed at high density in order than deformations and mechanical stability can be calculated and in some cases volumetric tables need to be recalculated. METRICA S.A. can accurately measure by 3D laser scanner in 1 day the exact geometry in a density up to 1 cm grid.

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  • Laser Alignment & Vibration Analysis

    Laser Alignment & Vibration Analysis

    One of the most important parameters for the operational qualification of a machine is the set up procedure according to the manufacturer specifications. METRICA can measure and verify the position of big machines such as screw machines, cranes etc. Determination of possible deviations in geometry such as alignment, perpandicularity, flatness etc. can be done using high accuracy instruments.

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